Phillies Spring Ballpark Pass Available Now! $60 to Enter all March/April Home Games. 16 Total!

The Philadelphia Phillies are again offering the Spring Ballpark pass, which for the very low price of $60 will give you entry into the ballpark for the 16 home games in March and April!

Excludes the home opener! Check the Phillies page and FAQ for all details and rules!

The tickets are only guaranteed as Standing Room Only, but at times you may be offered a seat!

Linking Accounts to sit with friends!

And new this year, you can link your account with friends accounts (who have also purchased the Spring Ballpark Pass) so that if you are offered seats, they will be allocated together! Within the MLB Ballpark App, look for the “Sit With Friends” option. This is important.. if you buy a block of seats (up to 6) then all people in that block of tickets must arrive together and use the same mobile device to gain entry. The Phillies FAQ suggest that for the most flexibility, friends just buy their own pass and they can link them before the game! Linking must be done in advance of any text message for seating assignment. Read the Phillies FAQ for official information.

MLB Ballpark App for smartphones required

The ticket program requires the use of the MLB Ballpark App. Approximately 4 hours before game time you will see an indicator in the MLB App that your SRO tickets are available.

If you are assigned a seat, approximately 60 minutes before game time you will receive a text message. Typically seating assignments will be in the Terrace, Terrace Deck, Pavilion, Pavilion Deck and Outfield sections.

Read the Phillies Spring Ballpark Page and FAQ for official information.

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Phillies Spring Ballpark Pass

FAQ for Phillies Spring Ballpark Pass

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